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Care Services for Specialist Support

Care & Support services for...
Specialist Support

Flexi Care & Support are able to offer a wide range of Specialist care services to our clients.

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Tracheostomy care from FlexiCare & Support is designed to enable individuals who have undergone the procedure to manage their tracheostomies at home. We understand that it can take time to adapt to a tracheostomy tube, and that eating, talking, exercising, and keeping the tube clean and free of blockages can all be difficult at first.

Living an independent lifestyle with a tracheostomy is easily achievable with the right support from our team.

Our supporters are trained by a Clinical Trainer to ensure their competency to meet all of the clinical needs of tracheostomy hygiene, ensuring the correct fit of tube ties, and emergency management.

The team receive regular staff training and follow detailed support plans which you, your family and professional care team will be involved in.

Gastrostomy is a term used to describe a surgical opening made directly into the stomach. This artificial opening is introduced to help people who experience difficulty swallowing food and liquids. A discreet plastic peg (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube directly inserted into the opening allows for food and liquids, as well as medicines, to enter the stomach.

Our supporters work to ensure that customers can enjoy an independent life whilst receiving peg-gastrostomy care. We can support with the management of food and fluid intake through daily feeding tube care, taking any dietary requirements into account.

We can support individuals to manage and cope with their condition by providing catheter care at home. The support team have experience in delivering catheter care for people affected by many conditions and support individuals with urethral catheters and suprapubic catheters.

Our support team are trained in all aspects of specialist interventions including stoma, ileostomy and colostomy care where surgical intervention had taken place.

We can help our customers to manage and cope with their condition by providing stoma care at home. Our supporters have extensive training and experience in delivering stoma care and have provided support for customers with a colostomy, stoma or ileostomy and are competent and comfortable performing these procedures.

Managers within the team are trainers in Positive Behaviour Management which is accredited by BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities).

Our team use Positive Behavioural Support which is a practical and effective means of responding to the challenges posed by problem behaviours.

Our approach is to:

  • Develop an understanding of why a person presents with challenging behaviour      
  • Make changes to the environment, thus reducing the need for challenging behaviour to occur
  • Develop alternative ways to prevent the behaviours occurring by teaching the person new skills
  • Respect the person
  • Provides support based on inclusion, choice, participation and equality of opportunity.

By using behavioural support strategies we help the person develop new skills and re-engage in positive behaviour and interactions as quickly as possible.

To learn more about the British Institute of Learning Disabilities please visit the link -

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We’ve had Sarah come into our home for the last few months to help out with William. They have struck up an amazing relationship, and Sarah’s attention is with him 100% of the time. We feel so comfortable with her helping with him; and know William loves having her around. It’s hard for us to have someone in our home; but Sarah makes us feel so at ease and is like part of our family. We were unsure about using support service, as I felt it may be uncomfortable. I now feel it was the best decision we made for our son and our family. Michelle - Flexi Care & Support Client

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