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Care and Support Services for Community Enablement

Care & Support services for...
Community Enablement

Our community enablement team is a service for young people and adults with learning disabilities and/ or autistic spectrum conditions.

They are a team of skilled and experienced enablement workers who support individuals to achieve their independence goals. The teamwork with professionals such as Occupational Therapists and Social Workers as and when needed.

What Community Enablement is:

  • It's all about supporting the person to be as independent as they can be.
  • It's person centred, we find out what they can do now and start from there
  • Identify the persons strengths and build on them
  • Learning the skills needed to be as independent as possible
  • Working together to solve problems
  • Helping to build up the friendships and relationships needed to be a part of the community
  • Working with the people that are important to the person, like your family, friends and carers
  • Helping to develop your confidence

Who community enablement is for:

Community enablement is for everyone with a learning disability (including autistic spectrum conditions)

  • A young person getting ready for adulthood
  • Wanting to be more independent
  • Living at home with parents
  • Living in a care home or supported living accommodation
  • In crisis

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We’ve had Sarah come into our home for the last few months to help out with William. They have struck up an amazing relationship, and Sarah’s attention is with him 100% of the time. We feel so comfortable with her helping with him; and know William loves having her around. It’s hard for us to have someone in our home; but Sarah makes us feel so at ease and is like part of our family. We were unsure about using support service, as I felt it may be uncomfortable. I now feel it was the best decision we made for our son and our family. Michelle - Flexi Care & Support Client

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